About Department


The Department of Forest Management was established in 1968 parallel with the establishment of the Department of Exploitation and Forest Product Processing under the Faculty of Forestry IPB-University. Both of these departments held Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Forestry. In 1999 Department of Forest Management offered two Bachelor of Science Degree Programs consisted of Forest Management and Silviculture. Over the years, Study Program of Forest Management turned into the major-minor curriculum. In 2007 Department of Forest Management offered Master and Doctoral Programs of Forest Management Science.

There are 35 faculty members who have diverse educational background, field of expertise, and ethnic. They obtained highest academic degrees from reputed national and international universities. Such diverse educational backgrounds of the faculty members enrich subjects and teaching methods that enable students improve their knowledge. They came from different ethnics of Indonesia that enrich cultural diversity in the department.

The Department of Forest Management consists of three divisions: forestry planning, forestry policy, and forest resources utilization. There are more than 390 undergraduate students and 55 master and doctorate students studying in various research subjects. The students come from almost all provinces in Indonesia and several students are international student. The alumni have competencies and expertise in forest management and they work in national, province, and district forestry institutions, public and private companies, NGOs and others.

Since 2000, The bachelor of science degree programs offered by  Department of Forest Management is always accredited excellently (A-grade) by Indonesia-National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT) before and after issuing the law of national education system. The first excellent accreditation by BAN-PT was received in 2000, and then 2006, 2011, and 2016.