1. Forestry Planning

  • Application and development: concepts, methods and techniques of forest resources inventory; remote sensing technology in the perspective of forest resource management; science and techniques of forest spatial (geomatics); concepts, methods and techniques of forest resource management planning; techniques of quantitative analysis in forest planning systems; concepts and methods in using data and information of forest ecosystems and its environment to set up forest management plans.
  • Develop forest hydrology science, assess the influence of land and forest management on water yields, develop hydrological models and watershed resource management models in tropical areas, develop information systems of watershed management, develop assessment methods of forest ecosystem services to the environment.
Faculty Member
  •   1. Prof. Dr. Endang Suhendang
  •   2. Prof. Dr. I Nengah Surati Jaya
  •   3. Prof. Dr. Heri Purnomo
  •   4. Dr. M. Buce Saleh
  •   5. Dr, Hendrayanto 
  •   6. Dr. Budi Kuncahyo
  •   7. Dr. Teddy Rusolono
  •   8. Dr. Nining Puspaningsih 
  •   9. Dr. Nana Mulyana
  • 10. Dr. Muhdin
  • 11. Dra. Sri Rahaju, MSi
  • 12. Dr. Tatang Tiryana
  • 13. Budi Prihanto, MS
  • 14. Priyanto, M.Si
  • 15. Qori Pebrial Ilham, M.Si
Research Topics:
  • Development of geographic information systems for natural resource and environment management
  • Development of ecosystem-based forest management planning models
  • Development of biometrics models in forest resources management
  • Development of yield management methods for even-aged forest, uneven-aged forest, community forests, and small-scale forest management units
  • System of community forest management planning
  • Techniques of participatory planning
  • Usage of remote sensing data for natural resources and environment management
  • Adaptive and collaborative management of forest resources
  • Quantitative and qualitative modeling
  • Small scale forest management
  • Assessment of vegetation formations impacts/roles on water production and quality
  • Assessment of watershed physicals on watershed hydrological responses
  • Characterization of watersheds for developing physical typologies to set up an assessment instrument of watershed management accountability
  • Development of spatial models of forest management in watershed hydrological systems
  • Assessment of integrated watershed management models
  • Development of environmental service-oriented forest management (water production, carbon, air and clean water, landscape beauty)
  • Optimization of land cover and utilization in bioregion system
  • Optimization of land cover and utilization in bioregion system
  • Study of land cover and land use changes impacts at bioregion scale on environmental quality
  • Study of ecosystem hydrology and forest environmental services
  • Study of forest area management models in watershed hydrological systems
  • Study and development of watershed management models in tropical areas

II. Forestry Policy


Education and development of forest policy sciences to achieve and realize sustainable forest management and community welfare.

Faculty Member
  •   1. Prof. Dr. Dudung Darusman
  •   2. Prof. Dr. Hardjanto
  •   3. Prof. Dr. Hariadi Kartodihardjo
  •   4. Prof. Dr. Bramasto Nugroho
  •   5. Prof. Dr. Didik Suhardjito 
  •   6. Prof. Dr. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat
  •   7. Dr. Sudarsono Soedomo
  •   8. Dr. Leti Sundawati
  •   9. Dr. Iin Ichwandi
  • 10. Dr. Bahruni
  • 11. Dr. Yulius Hero
  • 12. Dr. Soni Trison
  • 13. Handian Purwawangsa, MSi
  • 14. Fitta Setiajiati, M.Si
Research Topics:
  • Forest policy directive for short-term, mid-term, and long term period
  • Evaluation of Indonesian forestry politics/policy
  • Types of small-scale forestry
  • Economic and financial assessment of forestry businesses/ enterprise
  • Intensification and diversification of forest resource utilization
  • Development of local community roles for sustainable forest management and improving their welfare

III. Forest Resources Utilization


Development of science and technology on sustainable forest resources utilization, consist of production, conservation, and protection functions.

Faculty Member
  •   1. Prof. Dr. Elias
  •   2. Prof. Dr. Juang Rata Matangaran
  •   3. Dr. Gunawan Santosa
  •   4. Dr. Ahmad Budiaman
  •   5. Dr. Efi Yuliati Yovi 
  •   6. Dr. Ujang Suwarna
Research Topics:
  • Development of safety and healthy forest utilization system
  • Development of eco-friendly forest utilization technology
  • Development of forest harvest planning methods
  • Waste management of forest harvesting
  • Development of efficiently forest utilization
  • Development of community-based forest utilization technologies and systems
  • Development of systems and technologies for non-timber forest products utilization
  • Control of forest utilization impact
  • Study on chain of custody
  • Study on the logistics chain of forest utilization