Partnership and Community Empowerment

For the past 7 years, the Department of Forest Management has collaborated with various parties, such as government agencies, the private sector, and other universities, both from domestic and abroad. The following table presents a list of the Department of Forest Management’s partnership with various institutions and community empowerment activity:

No.Name of InstitutionType of Activity 
1PT. Intracawood Manufacturing, NunukanPreparation of Periodic Comprehensive Forest Inventory Report (IHMB) and Business Work Plan for Timber Forest Product Utilization (RKUPHHK)
2Forest & climate Change Program, Financial Cooperation, Planning Bureau of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Consultant Services for Monitoring and Evaluation of FORCLIMEFC Program in Kapuas Hulu and Berau Regency
3PT. Tunas Timber Lestari, PapuaPreparation of Periodic Comprehensive Forest Inventory Report (IHMB) of PT. Tunas Timber Lestari in Boven Digoel Regency, Papua
4JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)-Tsukuba-FPRRIResearch Collaboration
5ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organization), Japan.Research Collaboration
6Goettingen University, GermanResearch Collaboration, Student exchange
7UPM, MalaysiaStudent exchange
8ASEAN-Korea Environmental Cooperation Project (AKECOP).Research Collaboration
9ACIAR-CIFORResearch Collaboration
10GIZ-ForclimeResearch Collaboration
11University of Tsukuba, JapanResearch Collaboration, Student exchange
12University of Kyoto, JapanResearch Collaboration, Student exchange
13University of Chiba, JapanResearch Collaboration, Student exchange
14Canterbury University, New ZealandPostgraduate Education Program
15SNU KoreaContribution on site feasibility study on Hambalang Green Partnership Model Forest
16Kasetsart UniversityUndergraduate Education Program
17University of Tokyo, JapanResearch Collaboration, Student exchange
18Department for International Development – United KingdomPolitical economy study of fire and haze
19Koppenhagen University, DenmarkResearch Collaboration, Student exchange
20BUMN Hijau Lestari IMonitoring and Evaluation of Growth and Health the Fast-Growing Tree Species
21PT Timah (Persero)Preparation of Reclamation and Mine Closure Plan Document PT. Timah (Persero) Tbk. In Kepulauan Bangka Belitung Province
22Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)A study on a permit system in forest resources management
23Perum PerhutaniFormulation of roadmap the management program, research on work performance standards and improvement of latex productivity, and evaluation of timber marketing.
24HolcimDevelopment and Management of Holcim Educational Forest in Sekarwangi Village, Sukabumi District
25Indonesia Power SuralayaCommunity empowerment around the power plant
26Regional Government of Tanjung Jabung, JambiImpact of forest fires
27PT. Conoco PhilipControl of erosion in the company area
28University of RiauCurriculum formulation
29University of Haluoleo, KendariCurriculum formulation
30PT. Citra KalbarIdentification and analysis of HCVF (high conservation value forest) in Oil Palm Plantations
31PT. Kebun Ganda PrimaIdentification and analysis of HCVF (high conservation value forest) in Oil Palm Plantations
32PT. Jake SaranaIdentification and analysis of HCVF (high conservation value forest) in Oil Palm Plantations
33PT. Hijau PertiwiIdentification and analysis of HCVF (high conservation value forest) in Oil Palm Plantations
34PT. Kebun Mandiri SejahteraIdentification and analysis of HCVF (high conservation value forest) in Oil Palm Plantations
35PT. Inhutani IIThe feasibility of developing an integrated forestry industry
36Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK)Determination of optimal forest area; SVLK policy
37Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and TransmigrationDetermination of optimal forest area; SVLK policy
38Regional Government of Jawa BaratEvaluation of the ecovillage program
39Forest Research and Development Center, KLHK Water resources governance
40Forest Research and Development Center, KLHKResearch and Development as a Science-Basis for Policy and Forest Governance Decision Making
41Regional Government of NTBCapacity Building to unite the policy knowledge and management on sustainable forest management
42Regional Government of Kuningan, Jawa Barat; Buton, Sulawesi Tenggara; Palu, Sulawesi TengahImplementing Team of DED compilation for Open Access Damaged Land Restoration
43Regional Government of Kepulauan Bangka BelitungTechnical Guidance for People's Plantation Forests with the theme of Developing Regional Forestry Human Resources in accelerating Social Forestry Program
44Grand Kanaya Hotel, MedanBusiness Plan Training
45Dipa BPHP Wilayah XII PaluIn house Training of Community Productive Economy Business Development at KPHP
46Regional Government of Kepulauan Bangka BelitungFocus Group Discussiion (FGD); Challenges and strategies for developing village communities in Bangka Belitung
47KPH (Forest Management Unit) MadiunA visit to the work area of Madiun Forest Management Unit
48University of RiauSupervisor of Forest Governance Practices
49KPHL Unit II Batam, Kepulauan Riau ProvinceDiscussion on forest management draft of KPHL Unit II Batam, Kepulauan Riau Province
50KPH Kalimantan Selatan ProvinceOperational coordination of Forest Management Unit (KPH), South Kalimantan Province
51Brajamustika Hotel, BogorWorkshop on Writing Scientific Papers
52Eastparc Hotel, YogyakartaWorkshop on Bilateral Exchange Program JSPS-DG-RSTHE Research Project 2004-2007
53Santika Premier Hotel, JakartaWorkshop on Mangrove Management for Climate Change Mitigation
54BPKH Wilayah III PontianakFormulation of Forest Management Plan for KPHP Unit XIII in Sintang Regency
55KPHL Unit II Batam Kepulauan Riau ProvinceFormulation of Forest Management Plan for KPHL Unit II Batam
56Reseach, Developmnt and Innovation Agency, KLHKDraft finalization meeting of Ecosystem Restoration Incentive Study
57Financial Training Center Agency, Malang, Jawa TimurEducation and training of Substantive Specialization Technical (DTSS) in Assessment of Production Forests
57Kepulauan Bangka Belitung ProvinceResearch Supervisor for the Study of CSR Development Models
59Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA) of North SumateraCooperation Team of the Faculty of Forestry, IPB with the BKSDA North Sumatra
60Gadjah Mada University (UGM)The Speaker in the Thematic Community Service Program with the topic of Sustainable Village Development
61Haurbentes Forest Education, Jasinga, Bogor RegencyFinal Practice of Forest Resources Inventory Course
62Merapi Merbabu Hotel, BekasiExpenditure Treasurer Training
63Salak Tower BogorFocus Group Discussion (FGD): A Study of Forest Ecosystem Restoration Incentive
64IPB Campus, DramagaSharing experiences about managing online journals and accreditation preparation
65Santika Hotel, Lolu Utara, Palu Timur, Kota PaluWorkshop Invitation Provincial Inception Workshop Strengthening Forest Management Unit for Sustainable Forest Management and Community Empowerment
66Grand Dafam Q Hotel Banjarbaru, Kalimantan SelatanThe Speaker of operational coordination meeting in Forest Management Unit (KPH) South Kalimantan Province
67IPBDevelopment of Division Mandate for Relevance and Innovation
68Horizon Hotel, JayapuraKeynote Speaker at Workshop of the Institutional Capacity Building on Research and Development in Papua Province
69Dalton Hotel, MakassarSpeaker at KPHL planning coordination meeting
70Education and Training Center of Environmental and Forestry, BogorKeynote Speaker for Writing Scientific Papers Training
71Santika Hotel, PalembangFocus Group Discussion: Technical Direction and Data Analysis of Carbon Emission Calculation (Forest Reference Emission Level /FREL)
72PT. Tanjung Lingga, Kalimantan TengahDeveloping Strategy in Minimizing Working Accidents in Chainsaw Felling Operations: Effective Training Based on Safety Game for Chainsaw Operators
73Reseach, Developmnt and Innovation Agency, KLHKDiscussion on Research Operational Plans and Development Operational Plans
74PT. Wijaya Sentosa, West Papua ProvinceDevelopment of Yield Regulation Method for Merbau Stand at IUPHHK-HA PT. Wijaya Sentosa, West Papua Province
75Regional Government of Mamasa, West Sulawesi ProvinceFeasibility Study on Tapping of Pine Sap in Mamasa Regency, West Sulawesi Province
76PT. Pamapersada NusantaraTree felling training with Chainsaw at PT. Pamapersada Nusantara
77Europa UnionReducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation at landscape level
78PT Arindo, Meridian, Borneo, Citra Agro, Swadaya, Mitra KaryaA study of carbon footprint and assessment in the palm oil industry
79Regional Forestry Agency of Labuha, HalmaheraThe academic study of forest area changes in the Halmahera Regency
80BP BerauStudy of logging plans for the Tangguh expansion project