Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate degree programs (BSc) offer by IPB University, included program of BSc in Forest Management is opened to Indonesian citizens and foreign high school graduates (SLTA), graduates diploma program (minimum D3), and student of other universities who intend and fulfill the requirements to enter or move to study forest management in IPB-University.

General requirements for registration as prospective student of undergraduate programs in IPB, the graduates Senior High School must fulfill the requirements of: (1) physically and mentally healthy; (2) free from use drugs; and (3) willing to live in IPB Dormitory in the first year, and (4) participated in the first time education at IPB; never dismissed from IPB.

Admission system of high school graduates to be registered as new students of the program of BSc in Forest Management in IPB is conducted with the principle of education for all (education for everyone) through 8 (eight) systems, namely:

(1) National Selection to Entry State Universities (SNMPTN)

This National selection system is a selection carried out by all state higher education institutions attended by participants from all over Indonesia. Selection carried out by the Implementation Committee of SNMPTN established by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and participated by all State Universities in one integrated system. The cost of implementing SNMPTN is borne by the Government, so participants are not charged a registration fee. SNMPTN is a national selection pattern based on performance during the last 5 semester in Senior High School.

More detail requirement, procedures and others related to SNMPTN can be reached in SNMPTN web site (in Indonesian).

(2) National Joint Entrance Selection of State Higher Educations (SBMPTN)

Joint university entrance selection is national writing exams organized by Rector Council of Indonesian State Universities (MRPTNI). This systems provide opportunity to 3 last years graduates of senior high school to take part in the selection. The written exam questions are designed to measure general abilities that determine the success of prospective students at all study programs, namely higher order thinking abilities, which includes academic potential, mastery of basic sciences, basic natural sciences and/or social and humanities subjects.

More detail requirement, procedures and others related to SBMPTN can be reached in SBMPTN web site (in Indonesia).

(3) Special Invitation

A special invitation to enter IPB-University is given to prospective graduates of senior high school of natural sciences in the current year who has a special achievement internationally or nationally in the activities of Competition for Scientific Work, Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,Biology, Informatics and memorizing the Al Qur’an (hafiz/hafizah). This system is also called as National and International Achievement system (Jalur Prestasi Internasional dan International, PIN).

Application letters addressed to the Rector of IPB with mention the chosen Study Program and included addresses that can be reached by post and phone numbers that can be contacted. Letters are signed by applicant and parents, completed with (1) Letter of introduction from the Head of Senior High School addressed to the Rector of IPB-University (no special format), (2) a copy of Senior High School academic report of semester 1-5, legalized by tthe Head of Senior High School, (3) copy of certificate/charter award achievements which are legalized by the Head of Senior High School.

Selected applicant must register by yourself on the date specified by showing the original documents and other requirements specified, paying tuition fees, and other fees specified by IPB-University.

More detail requirement, procedures and others related to this PIN admission system can be reached in PIN web site (in Indonesian).

(4) Selection Admission of Regional Envoy Scholarship Students (BUD)

This system considers the recommended and funded graduate of Senior High School by the government, or provincial government or regency/city government, as well as state and private companies. This system expects the graduated student return to the origin to develop their area.

The following criteria must be fulfilled : (a) no more than 25 years old; (b) has a good high school report (minimum 7.00 (range 0.00 – 10.00) for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology for the first 5 semesters), (c) physically and mentally health, (d) drug free, (e) willing to live in the dormitory during the first year of study in IPB-University.

Registration is done institutionally by the scholarship provider, completing the registration form and received by IPB accordingly at specified schedule.

More detail requirement, procedures and others related to this BUD admission system can be reached in BUD web site

(5) Talent Exams to Enter IPB (UTM IPB)

Admission system of talent test is based on leadership, entrepreneurship, and love of agriculture. During attending education at IPB-University, students who are accepted through the UTM IPB system will receive additional soft skill subjects specifically to improve the quality of his personality in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship and love of agriculture.

There are two selection methods used, namely through written examinations implemented by IPB-University or through SBMPTN. A prospective student must choose one of these two selection methods. For those who don’t follow SBMPTN or don’t want to use SBMPTN scores then the prospective student must take a written exam. If you want to use the mark (score) of SBMPTN that has been taken, the candidate students don’t need to take written examinations.

The SBMPTN score to be used is the grade or mark of the appropriate subject with the UTM IPB Writing Examination Materials, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.

Prospective students are high school science graduates with the following criteria: (a) graduate at last three years; (b) healthy; and (c) not color blind for the certain Study Program (major).

Registration is done online according to the specified schedule.
Prospective students must take a written exam in accordance with the schedule determined.
Prospective students who have passed the examination and accepted by IPB, are required register according to the specified schedule and bring the specified requirements.

For new students who have passed the UTM IPB exam and have or are currently became a student of the IPB undergraduate program and never dropped out, then the courses that have been taken previously and got a value of ≥ C can be recognized by IPB.

For new students with this category must still comply with administrative provisions as new student of IPB.

More detail information can be read here.

(6). Special Invitation for Senior High School student Council Chairman (Ketua OSIS)

This admission system is a new system, starting from the year 2018. This admission system is independent selections to find prospective students who has been proven to have leadership as the student council chair during his time at senior high school, as well as having sufficient academic ability to be student of IPB-University. It is hoped that this system will produce prospective leaders both national, regional leaders, corporations and community movers who lead with scientific approach, or apply scientific based leadership.
Requirements for prospective applicants for this program are:
a. He was the student council president during high school, which was strengthened by letters Principal’s statement that the applicant is a true student at school and has been the student council chair for at least one period,
b. Graduated in 2018 majoring in Natural Sciences,
c. Average score of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for 5 semesters at least 80,
d. Submitting applications to the Rector of IPB by including Bio-data and activities as long as the student council chairman known to the Principal,
e. Making a Synopsis of Contributions to Indonesia’s Development in the Period future, willing to get leadership, entrepreneurship and other training.
Read More detail….. (in Indonesian)

(7) Affirmation Program

The affirmation program is carried out to provide greater access to the higher education for Indonesian citizens who are in age group,living in the foremost area (the border of Indonesia with other countries) with the aim of forming superior human character that will accelerate development in the forefront area. This program is fully funding supported by Ministry of Research,Technology and Higher Education.

Requirements for prospective applicants for this program are:

a. Graduated from a high school science in the forefront of Indonesia included in list of priority districts,
b. Having a diploma with sufficient achievements,
c. Pass the selection/entrance examination which is coordinated nationally,

By considering the difficulties that might arise in the process adaptation to the world of campus, considering that applicants are based from the regions leading and lagging, then the status and study plans of students of this program defined as follows:

a. affirmation program students will first be accepted as special student status. During the special status of the program students affirmations must take all general competency education courses and tutorials organized by IPB.
b. After passing general competency education courses and achieving a GPA of ≥ 2.00 in time, maximum of 4 (four) semesters, the status of the affirmation student switches from special status to regular status and if the GPA is less than 2.0, then the student terminated from IPB.
c. Affirmation students who can meet the minimum GPA in time which is given the opportunity to complete the whole education no more than 14 semesters.

(8). International Student

Prospective Foreign Students who register to IPB are divided into 2 (two) groups, namely:
a. Prospective foreign students applying for entry from the first year educational programs, i.e those who have just graduated from high school or equivalent graduates of diploma programs abroad and will apply toIPB Undergraduate Program.
b. Foreign students who have become students at one of the universities in abroad and will move to follow education at IPB with objectives (1) continuing (transferring) education, (2) taking certain subjects, or (3) carry out special assignments/research.
Foreign citizens can continue their education at IPB-University by meet the following requirements:
a. Graduates equivalent to high school and have course transcript with appropriate achievements, especially for transfer students must have transcript from the original universities which has been accredited/registered at Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia.
b. Obtain a study permit from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia which was requested through the Republic of Indonesia representative at his country for those who live abroad, or through representatives his country in Indonesia for those who live in Indonesia.
c. Passed the selection/entrance examination.
Admission Process
Foreign students can register to IPB-University with submit a letter of application to the Rector of IPB-University by attaching one copy of the following files:
a. Curriculum vitae.
b. Study permit from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of The Republic of Indonesia.
c. Diploma including a list of achievements that have been legalized by authorized office, or course transcript taken at the original University, as well as for transfer students to include passport size 4 cm x 6 cm 3 sheets.
d. Certificate of guarantee of living costs and tuition fees from parent/fund guarantee agency.
e. The affidavit will not work while being a student at Indonesia.
f. The affidavit will not interfere in political activities at Indonesia and will comply with the applicable laws in Indonesia.
g. Certificate of good health.
h. Have a Student Visa
Status and Foreign Student Study Plan
By considering the difficulty in adjusting the use of Indonesian while attending education at IPB, foreign students will first be accepted as special students status. During special status foreign students are required attended Indonesian language training both at IPB and others institutions recognized by IPB.

After being declared graduated from Indonesian language training equivalent to 2 credits unit semester (sks) and GPA of >2.00 within in maximum 4 (four) semesters, the status of foreign students switched from special status to regular status. When the GPA is less than 2.00, then the student terminated from IPB.

Foreign students who can achieve a minimum GPA in the specified time, they are given the opportunity to complete all education within 14 semesters. They are not compulsory to take Pancasila, Indonesian, Religion, and Sport & Art courses. Compulsory courses that must be taken are regulated in special provisions and determined by a team, signed by head off department.

The minimum number of credit unit semester is 144 sks. For transfer students, approved transferred courses are included in minimum requirement of CSU. The maximum amount of credit that can be transferred is 50 percent of the total credit that must be fulfilled at IPB-University