Young Initiative Contest 2020

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Young Initiative Contest

in SDGs and Sustainable Forest Management


Eligible Participants:

Undergraduate/bachelor students registered as participants of the summer course Department of Forest Management IPB 2020


  1. Faculty of Forestry IPB of Dramaga Campus
  2. Cikabayan Forest Park, IPB Darmaga Campus
  3. Gunung Walat University Forest, Sukabumi
  4. Manggala Wanabakti Building, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Jakarta
  5. Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Bogor


  1. Photography
  2. Vlog/ Short Film


  1. Competition topics:
  2. The Potential of Indonesia’s Tropical Forests to Achieve SDGs
  3. Tropical Forest Resource Management to Achieve SDGs
  4. Humans, Forests, and Culture in Indonesia
  5. Climate Action for SDGs
  6. Youth for Forestry Development and Achieving SDGs
  7. Contested works are original works taken from the summer course location
  8. Participants must fill out the registration form on each work that is contested and submit the creations by 12 August 2020
  9. Participants are allowed to send more than one work and in accordance with the theme determined by the committee (maximum: 3 creations)
  10. Provisions for photography competitions:
  11. Photography is an individual work
  12. Photos are sent in less than 4 MB, in JPEG format and file name format: Participant Name_Photo Title_Location
  13. Participants can use any type of camera (handphone, DSLR, mirrorless, etc.)
  14. Provisions for vlog / short film competitions:
  15. Vlogs or short films are original works (individuals or groups of up to 3 people)
  16. Format of vlog / short film works: MPEG 4 / Quicktime; minimum resolution of 480px
  17. Vlog / short film duration: 3 – 12 minutes
  18. The work does not contain elements of ethnic, racial, religion, and intergroup, pornography and provocation
  19. The works is in accordance with the theme, an original work, it has never been contested and published
  20. Softcopy works are uploaded to the web
  21. The work becomes the property of the Department of Forest Management of IPB and the copyright belongs to the participant
  22. The winners will be announced on the website and in the closing  ceremony of summer course.